My work

The inspiration for my work comes from nature. The work is celebratory and deals with the reintegration of nature into life and art, and the place of ritual in everyday life.  

Sandra Boreham is a sculptor based in Falmouth, Cornwall.
Her work is often wholly intuitive, concerned with a response to materials, with the poetry of form in space and the energy of ‘line’ and movement in 3 dimensions. Her focus is on the juxtaposition of soft and hard, inner and outer, natural and man made. Her work changed dramatically when she lived in the rainforest in Puerto Rico and in the Dominican Republic, where she started using wood, imaginatively combining it with bronze and perspex, although some ‘signatures’ like folds or ridging can be seen whatever the materials.

Requiem:Business as Usual

Acrylic, transferred images, wood, plaster and steel 

Contemporary sculpture by Sandra Boreham


Acrylic, wood, resin, glass, steel and sand


                                                                                                                                                                Acrylic, bone, plaster, resin, glass, steel and astro turf

Contemporary sculpture by Sandra Boreham


                                                                                                                                                                 Oak and Mild Steel

Respect 2

                                                                 cherry wood, mild steel branches and recycled car disks.

Contemporary sculpture by Sandra Boreham

‘Ship of Fools’

                                                                 Copper, bronze figure, burnt branches, lead weights, lead sycamore wings, handmade paper ‘prayer flags’.

wood, perspex and copper acorns and copper wire roots 

Created from Energy

Eight bronze pieces

Contemporary bronzes by Sandra Boreham

La Guardiana: Yemaya

Wood, bronze, acrylic, and white feathers

A sculpture by Sandra Boreham

‘Que pasa Pan’

 Wood, lead, copper, stainless steel, recycled scaffolding pole and car part.

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