My work

The inspiration for my work comes from nature. The work is celebratory and deals with the reintegration of nature into life and art, and the place of ritual in everyday life.  

Sandra’s approach to installations is mostly interactive, either directly with the viewer or with other artists. She is excited by collaborative approaches and the cross fertilisation, which results from working with other artists, dancers and musicians. She invited other artists to respond to the installations ‘I Emerge…..’ and ‘Awakening…… (which she created with painter Vincent Rhymer) . One artist was a photographer and the other a video artist – both of whom went on to make their own work based on the performances. She would welcome an opportunity to respond sculpturally to the work of dancers, poets or musicians. 

Undercover dreams

Koos Karsovna an Installation

An installation, which was part of ‘ Walking Alongside Nature’ an exhibition in France- see the section Lorient


An installation by Sandra Boreham

'Intervention at Circle Contemporary'

As part of the current exhibition ‘Boundless: Land + Sea From The Edge’ (extended to 30 May 2015), Resident Artist John O’Carroll and Falmouth-based sculptor Sandra Boreham will work collaboratively to devise an intervention. Using natural materials and found objects, the pair will create a memorial to the ancient landscape and environment which surrounds them and inspires both their practice.

John O’Carroll’s knowledge of history, geology, Egyptology and palaeontology plays an intrinsic role in his practice and Archaeology of Place will propose a contemporary reference to the monoliths, pathways, lay lines and symbolic objects which are markers of Cornwall’s bygone civilisations.Inspired by the panoramic view from his 2nd floor studio at Hawksfield Cornwall , Archaeology of Place echoes the ridge of burial mounds which line the horizon at St Breock, visible in the distance on a clear day. There is also a link to Men Gurta (know as The Waiting Stone), a prehistoric standing stone and the largest (4.9m height) and heaviest (16.5 ton) in Cornwall, whichis said to have been erected in the Late Neolithic or early Bronze Age period (c. 2500-1500 BC). These heavy, evocative objects are mysterious and ancient; and a vital part of the soul of the surrounding land.

Sandra Boreham’s practice is also inspired by nature. Aesthetic juxtapositions of form, movement, femininity, strength, balance and power are key in her work and there is an inherent sense of energy emitted from the objects she makes. Following extensive travel and time living in the rain forests of Puerto Rico, Sandra’s focus changed dramatically, resulting in a revived interest in materials. Expressive combinations are at the heart of her intuitive response to her environment. Carving wood, casting metals, and using perspex, feathers and other found ephemera, Sandra gathers and combines to build forms and figures that celebrate, life, poetry, ritual and spiritual growth. To describe the illusive Spirit of Place felt in the surrounding landscape, Sandra and John will work collaboratively to develop an exciting installation.

Jubilee Lido Cubicle, Penzance – Art75. 2010
Installation with Bathing suit, bathing hat filled with lovehearts, half eggshells, wedding ring and audiotape.

'Floresciendo' 45' x 14' Bamboo and Rope
'Alternative Sandcastle' Interactive Installation with 9' Bamboo, Polythene and Newspaper cut-out words.

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