My work

The inspiration for my work comes from nature. The work is celebratory and deals with the reintegration of nature into life and art, and the place of ritual in everyday life.  

It is underpinned by an exploration of spiritual growth and the journey of the soul. I study Tai Chi and for me my work is Tai Chi. I try to be with and to capture energy – the dance of yin/yang, feminine/masculine, receptive/emissive, and vulnerability/strength etc. 
The work is concerned with these issues and influenced by alchemy and the concept of transformation and individuation. It celebrates the vibrancy of life and the natural order of decay and death. It combines natural and manmade materials – wood, bronze, perspex and wire etc – and deals with inside/out, potential/actual and manifested/unmanifested. I hope that my sculptures are like poetry and touch, unfold and inspire each person differently. 



1991-1994 BA Fine Art (sculpture), Falmouth School of Arts and Design
1990-1991 Foundation, Falmouth School of Arts and Design



2011 Artist in Residence, Cornwall College, Jan – June 2011
2008 – present Visiting Lecturer, Cornwall College, Cornwall
1997 Visiting Lecturer –Universidad de Puerto Rico- Departmento de Bellas Artes
1996 Lost wax casting – Central St Martin’s College, London
1995-1996 Learning bronze casting with American sculptor TomElicker, Puerto Rico
1995-1996 Residency in Rain Forest Project –Puerto Rico
1994 – present Member of Newlyn Society of Artists




2018 NSA ‘Drawing Explored’ Tremenheere Gallery

‘NSA in View’ Tremenheere gallery

2017 NSA ‘Borders’ Tremenheere Gallery

‘Critic’s Choice ‘ Nicholas Usherwood Tremenheere Gallery

‘Imagine Falmouth’ Falmouth Art Gallery Sculpture Commended
2015 ‘293’ NSA, Penwith Gallery, St Ives 19 A pril – 17 May
2015 Intervention ‘Archeology of Place: Ancient Landscapes’ with John O Carroll – Circle Contemporary’ Wadebridge , 2 May – 8 June
2015  ‘Anthroprocene’ Circle Contemporary’ Wadebridge. 19 April – 17 May
2015 ‘Critic’s Choice’, NSA, 9 Laura Gasgoigne) PZ Gallery October 25 – November 1
2015 ‘All Wrapped Up’ NSA, Salthouse Gallery St Ives, December 5 – 18.
2014 ‘Flux’, NSA,  Heseltine Gallery, Truro.
2014 John Howard Studio, Norway Square, St Ives.
2014 John Howard Studio, Falmouth Poly.
2013 ‘Limbo’, Truro ( group installation)
2013 ‘Drawing the Line’. Bucca  Newlyn (group installation)
December 8 – December 22 2012 ‘NSA Christmas Crackers’ – Helen Feiler Gallery
April 2 – April 28 2012 ‘NSA A Fine Catch’, Helen Feiler Gallery
September 10 – September 25 2011 Hidcote Sculpture Trail, Hidcote Manor Gardens
August 6 – September 3 2011 ‘Uncharted Landscapes’ – NSA , St Ives, Norway Square
June 2011 ‘Print!’ The Exchange , Penzance
October 8 – November 5 2010 NSA ‘Colour Remains’ – Helen Feiler Gallery
October 2010 NSA ‘Mixed Open’, Trereife House, Newlyn
June 2010 ‘ART 75’, Penzance
February 2010 ‘Haiti Appeal’, Newlyn Gallery
November 2009/January 2010 NSA ‘Three Galleries’, Penzance, Falmouth, St Ives
May 2009 Open Studios, Cornwall
June 2009 NSA ‘A Cornish Perspective’, RWA, Bristol
December 2009 Call back Auction , The Exchange, Penzance
June 2008 ‘Balancing the Equation’ – The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Western Supermere.
November 2008/January 2010 NSA, ‘Working Small’, Newly Gallery, Newlyn
December 2008/January 2010 NSA , ‘Working Small’, The Exchange, Penzance
2008 Cornwall Open Studios
2006 Newlyn Gallery NSA
2003 Castillas de Arena, Cabarete, Republica Dominican
2000 3rd Festival de Arte, Puerto Plata, Republica Dominicana
Galeria Larrama, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
La Galeria, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
2000 Las Muheres por las Muheres, Casa de Arte, Santiago, Republica Dominicana
Arte Vivo, Casa de Arte, Santiago, Republica Dominicana
2do Festival de Arte, Puerto Plata, Republica Dominicana
Galeria Isla, Puerto Plata, Republica Dominicana
Feria del Libro, Gaspar Hernandez, Republica Dominicana
Newlyn Art Gallery NSA
1999 La Galeria, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
1997 Falmouth Arts Centre, Cornwall
1996 Centro Cultural Cayrabon de San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
Mount Chapel Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall
1995 Newlyn Gallery – NSA
1994 Newlyn Gallery – NSA
1994 Falmouth School of Arts and Design


2003 Alternative Sand Castle, An Interactive Intervention, Cabarete, Republica
2002 La Corte de Los Milagros, Casa de La Cultura, Puerto Plata, Republica Dominicana
2000 Beau Monde Gallery, London
1999 La Danza, Casa de Arte, Santiago, Republica Dominicana
1998 La Danza, Fundacion de Arte Contemporaneo Nouveau, Santo Domingo,
Republica Dominicana
1997 ‘Awakening – a Celebration of Destiny’ , a site specific installation, in collaboration with painter Vincent Rhymer
1996 Beau Monde Gallery, London
1996 Sculptural Installation ‘I Emerge’ with dance and music, Mount Chapel Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall- sculptural installation with peformance


2005 Brian and Linda Wales
2004 Sony Blueskyes
2003 Ellen van de Beld
2002 Bill and Julie ………..
2001 Andre and Carole Verdier
2001 Edith Myerstein

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