Sandra Boreham Website 2018

New Website for Sandra Boreham Sculptor

I am delighted to announce that I finally have a new website.

In order to keep up with changes in technology and to keep my visitors (and Google) happy, I now have a mobile-friendly website.  Although I loved my old site, it was an out of date ‘static’ site which meant it didn’t perform too well anymore. However, this new ‘dynamic’ version of my website works well across all platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.  This new website  has a blog facility that I will be using to publish all of my news regarding new work, projects & exhibitions. I am taking charge of the updating of the website so please pop back regularly to see what’s new.

Sandra x


In late October this year I spent a week in a farmhouse, up a mountain above Fuente del Conde, near Loja, Andalucia, with 11 other artists. We all made work during that week. I needed to play. I intuitively took tissue paper, pva glue, a couple of chisels, a coil of thin copper wire, a small hammer and a hand drill with me, as well as 2D materials. I scoured the land, in vain, for a piece of bark from the plentiful olive groves around, and eventually a friend returned from her walk with the perfect piece. I proceeded to work with it layering the surface with tissue paper and pva glue. I managed to squeeze it in my suitcase, with two other small pieces of bark and it is still a work in progress. Interestingly a title came while in Spain, overlooking the olive groves from on high: ‘Espiritus de los Olivares’ – Spirits of the Olive Groves’. ( see images below)

I then rescued a log from the log pile and began to chisel it, rub charcoal into various part as I did not have a burner with me, but wanted them to appear burnt. Then I created two tiny copper spirals to insert into hollows where spiral knots had been and finished with wrapping two of the shapes with copper wire. This piece I left at the farmhouse as a gift! (see images below).

It was fun to be stuck up a mountain with no transport and permission to play – I would love to go again!